How I Found an Affordable Professional Backpack for Work

Why is it so damn hard to find a good professional backpack for work that isn’t expensive? Quick story time. About two months ago I started working at my new job at a digital marketing agency. As a result, I wanted to upgrade my tech gear–not just to impress everyone–but more so because I could really use it. So I went out and might’ve gone a little overboard. Yes, I splurged and got Bose headphones, new wardrobe, an apple watch, and I upgraded to a Macbook Air. At this point, I was broke as a joke and needed a new bag for work. I had a messenger bag, but here’s the thing–I have to bike about 25-30 minutes to work. I figured a backpack would be more comfortable. This is where things get ridiculous. As I started looking online for a backpack for work and laptop backpacks, I kept running into two problems: The styles I saw were mainly briefcase messenger bags (which I wanted to avoid). Any decent backpacks that I found were a.) over $200 or b.) some type of animal skin. So between the designer briefcase bags and the leather backpacks, it was disappointing that I couldn’t find anything at a fair price. I still wanted a stylish, high-quality bag, but not for $495.00!!! (eBags, looking your way). The good news is, about a week ago, I found the best professional backpack that is a.) stylish, b.) affordable, and c.) practical. It’s got a few kinks, but overall it’s the

5 Blogs for College Students Who Want to Focus Better

College is a headache most of the the time. But you can manage that headache with the right steps. These blogs for college students are filled with insightful tips and best practices that any student can take advantage of. Give them a look, and I promise you’ll learn a trick or two! Helpful Blogs for College Students Her Campus This blog covers everything all college chicas (and guy pals too!) are looking for. Her Campus covers serious topics like career and resume advice, but also provides fun tips about fashion, dating, and DIY tricks. The blog is broken down into different sections of interest, covering topics that can seem personal but still need attention, like sexual health and LGBTQ+ advice. It’s a perfect guide for college students because the content is written by college students. Many colleges and universities have their own Her Campus page with content that specifically relates to your own college experience. You could even try and become a content creator yourself. Blogs for College Students Broke Millennial This is one of the ultimate blogs for college students looking for ways to save some extra cash. I mean let’s face it, school is a full-time job, and with all the studying and homework who has time for anything else? Broke Millennial is perfect because is discusses ways to bring in a few extra dollars that won’t compromise your GPA. It not only talks about how to earn extra money, but also how to save money during your time as

5 Successful Business Blogs You’ll Want to Follow Today

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to read business blogs. Business blogs are free, insightful resources for anyone hoping to learn more about a particular industry. Especially if you’re a young professional, you’ll want to immerse yourself into the world of your company. Ready to learn more? Here are five great business blogs you should follow. 1. LinkedIn Today, the Blog for Professionals That Want to Stay Up-To-Date LinkedIn Today is one of the best business blogs you can read at the start of your day. The website brings together all articles related to your profession and also from your LinkedIn social connections. On the blog, you can read all the latest news, get ideas, and motivational articles among others. What makes LinkedIn Today stand out among other business blogs out there, is that it gives you content that specifically relates to your field, This saves you time to choose in between which article to read. 2. All Business, the Blog With a Variety of Business Topics to Choose From All Business is a website that has a collection of business bloggers who specialize in different fields of business. The blogs feature topics such as financial management, financial planning, marketing, and strategy among others. Another great feature of the All Business site is that it contains how-to advice articles that are prepared by experts in different fields of business. The content of the site is updated daily. There is a search button to allow visitors to search for specific

Building a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget: Men’s Edition

Building a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget I remember when I graduated from college, and I had no idea of what to wear for my first job. I started asking my coworkers, but they thought the professional wardrobe should look like.  But, I told them that I needed a professional wardrobe on a budget. They looked at me like I was crazy. For men, it’s even worse. Now, if you’re like a lot of people you only have a small budget to buy clothes with.   You see, most people don’t have an unlimited budget for creating a great wardrobe.  This post is why I’m writing to you. Hello, men. Bottom line, If you want some solid tips on how to build a professional wardrobe on a budget stick with me for five minutes I’ll give you the answers. Your Mother, Girlfriend or Boyfriend will thank me. How To Create A Wardrobe Budget Out Of Thin Air Consider this: the first thing that people tend to say when they’re considering building out a new wardrobe is, “I have no budget I have no money. How my going to do this?” Listen up. I can give you the solution, but you have to save a little bit of money. To make it easy to set aside some money I have a simple suggestion. Take 7% of your take-home pay and put it away for buying new clothes every single month. Now, there are a couple things that you can do to save