5 Blogs for College Students Who Want to Focus Better

College is a headache most of the the time. But you can manage that headache with the right steps. These blogs for college students are filled with insightful tips and best practices that any student can take advantage of. Give them a look, and I promise you’ll learn a trick or two!

Helpful Blogs for College Students Her Campus

This blog covers everything all college chicas (and guy pals too!) are looking for. Her Campus covers serious topics like career and resume advice, but also provides fun tips about fashion, dating, and DIY tricks. The blog is broken down into different sections of interest, covering topics that can seem personal but still need attention, like sexual health and LGBTQ+ advice. It’s a perfect guide for college students because the content is written by college students. Many colleges and universities have their own Her Campus page with content that specifically relates to your own college experience. You could even try and become a content creator yourself.

Blogs for College Students Broke Millennial

This is one of the ultimate blogs for college students looking for ways to save some extra cash. I mean let’s face it, school is a full-time job, and with all the studying and homework who has time for anything else? Broke Millennial is perfect because is discusses ways to bring in a few extra dollars that won’t compromise your GPA. It not only talks about how to earn extra money, but also how to save money during your time as a university student.

Blogs for College Students: Study Hacks

Looking for tips on how to bring up those grades just a bit? Then you need to check out Study Hacks. Your study methods may have worked in high school but college is different. Make sure you’re prepared. In college, you’ll have far more freedom and independence but with that comes much more responsibility. Rise to the challenge and impress your professors with your academic performance. Study hacks focuses specifically on studying in the midst of a digital age.It’s a great source that provides tips and tricks on how to use technology to improve your study methods and do better in school.

Blogs for College Students: Collegiate Cook

Ahh, the ultimate Freshman 15. Known for fostering unhealthy eating habits, dorm life has the notorious reputation of feeding college students nothing but fast food and mystery meat. Well never fear because this blog contains recipes and overall advice on cooking for college students. This site has nutritious recipes, innovative ideas, and “dorm food must haves.” Collegiate Cook is absolutely perfect for college students looking to stay healthy and eat right. Eating right is a critical part of  good academic performance. Be sure to not overlook it. Skip the ramen and learn to craft your cooking skills with Collegiate Cook.

Blogs for College Students: Hack College

This blog discusses numerous topics that afflict many modern college students. From book recommendations to interviews with college professors to post graduation advice, this blog covers a multitude of topics prevalent to college students. And the best part about this blog is the variety of topics it covers.